Hire Ground

With more than 50 college degrees, professional certifications and licenses and over 125 years of career experience, OUR team (which includes our Board of Directors) is the most dynamic, skillful group of professionals anyone could ask for! We are committed to excellence and motivated to igniting change in others. We are professors, parents, coaches, corporate leaders, retired military leaders, administrative specialists, business owners, accountants, and Human Resource specialist. What makes us a strong team—our diverse backgrounds, education and willingness to THINK different. We ask the right questions of our clients so that they have an opportunity to discover their talents, thus, creating a career plan they can be proud of. Together, we mentor, coach and support others’ desire and willingness to invest in themselves.

Website: https://hiregroundinc.org/
Phone: 1-866-212-0743
Email (if any): cjdavis@hiregroundinc.org
9994 Sowder Village #526
Manassas, VA