Virtual Lenten Cross

Lenten Cross of Mercy

As Catholics, we celebrate different liturgical seasons throughout the year (Ordinary Time, Christmas, Easter, Lent, Advent, etc.). During the season of Lent we remember Jesus’s time in the dessert and the temptations he went through. This is a penitential season for us in which we focus on prayer, fasting and almsgiving. For the Lenten Cross of Mercy program, we partner with local parishes to provide opportunities for parishioners to join with us in living out the spiritual and corporal works of mercy through prayer, service and almsgiving. A Virtual Lenten Cross option was added in 2021. Current participating parishes include: Holy Trinity (Gainesville), Our Lady of Hope and St. Ann’s Parish. If you would like your parish to join with us for the Lenten Cross of Mercy, please contact the Executive Director.

Tushiies & Toes - Diaper Drive

Underwear Drive

One of the most common needs of those in need (especially children) is underwear. One may not think this is the case, but if a parent is debating whether to use their last bit of the paycheck to pay the utility bill, purchase food, or purchase new underwear (and clothes), the answer will never be underwear. We host a one day “underwear drive thru.” This creates an opportunity for you to purchase a new package of underwear – any size and just drive up to House of Mercy and toss it in a bin for collection and distribution.

Back to School Drive

Our Back to School program provides a pair of new shoes, a new outfit including underwear and socks, a new backpack and some school supplies for each child eligible for the program. Our largest need is donated items for this program. Please consider holding a Back to School drive for us or donating some of the listed items.

Christmas With Mercy

Christmas with Mercy is our Christmas toy program for our clients. This is a great way to get involved during the holidays. We create a shopping experience for the parent’s and assist them in choosing and wrapping a few gifts for their children for Christmas. We usually need about 150 volunteers for this event, but it fills up fast! Please watch out for the sign up in November. See the Events calendar for more details.