Donors & Partners

A heartfelt thanks to YOU for all your financial support to and prayers for the House of Mercy throughout our expansion of facilities, staff and services. Without your support, we could not have kept our doors open to serve those in need in our community.

Last Updated: August 2, 2023

CHAMPION $10,000+

  • John Bouchard and Saundra Albrite-Bouchard
  • Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints
  • County of Prince William
  • Daniel and Gayle D’Aniello
  • Dominick Family Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dominick
  • Carol Haecker
  • Knights of Columbus George Brent Council #5332
  • Paul and Vicky Marsala
  • Our Lady of the Rosary Council #12982
  • Patricia Parr
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perri
  • Sentara Cares
  • The Blackthorn Foundation
  • The Cecil & Irene Hylton Foundation
  • The Neall Family Charitable Foundation

LEADER $5,000 – $9,999

  • Anonymous
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Arwood
  • Benevity Community Impact Fund
  • Thomas & Amanda Bigoski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cartwright
  • John Day
  • Sandra and Sam Dominick
  • David Gallagher
  • The Giving Circle of Heritage Hunt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rich Golay
  • Blaine Hall and Carrie R. Hall
  • Ms. Denise Kyle
  • Patrick and Joan McDonald
  • Elizabeth Oravec
  • Mary Podolak
  • Henry and Ann Sterbenz
  • Nancy Stragand
  • Sudley United Methodist Church
  • Albert and Marilyn Wavering
  • Michael and Debbie Wykowski

ADVOCATE $1,000 – $4,999

Michael Ahern
All Saints Catholic Church
Denise Anezin, Ph.D., PMP
Barbara Atchison
Stephen Balint
Kenneth and Biance Baltrinic
Lee Beaver
Thomas Bigoski Insurance Agency
Bishop J. Louis Flaherty Assembly #1678
Richard and Jacqueline Boak
George and Margaret Bolash
Jake Bolinger
Stephen and Kathleen Braga
Carol Brown
Jeannette Burson
Bill and Faye Carpenter
Robert (Bob) F. Carpenter
Martin and Roberta Clemmer
Colonial Veterinary Clinic
Michael Cusick
Maria Victoria De Arce
Catherine DeBritz
Andrea Del Vecchio
Leyla DePrenger
Gilbert and Linda Diaz
Mary Catherine Ellis
Nathan Evans
Faughnan Mendicino, PLLC
First Baptist Church

Ms. Tina Fish
William Flannery
Dawn Fletcher
Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Freeman
Joseph Freivald and Sue Freivald
Gainesville Physical Therapy
Garney Living Trust
Mr. Jerome Gonzalez
Mike and Mary Halick
Steven and Cathy Hammerstrom
Harry & Zoe Poole Foundation
Mrs. Eileen Heim
Mrs. Harolyn Small
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Bradley and Catherine Hoopes
John and Ruth Huber
John and Audrey Hurley
Ms. Mary Ann Jenkins
JNB Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Johnson
Tom and Barbara Kenefake
Kiewit Companies Foundation
Mr. Nathan Klontz
COL. Timothy Lamb
CAPT Marc and Laura Laverdiere
Emanuel and Betty Licitra

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lindsey
Mr. Jeff Little
Mario and Wanda Lopes
Susan Loving
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Madigan
Craig Maloney
The Mary E. Van Drew Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Martin
Mr. William Matson
Bob and Bernadette McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McGirr
Michael McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Edward McManus
Eric and Gale Michael
David Minor
Anthony and Martha Mirra
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Mokodean
Marc Monroe
Laurette Nassetta
National Charity Services
Mr. Alex Nikrant
Northwest Federal Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. William O’Brien
John and Mary Ochenkowski
Park West Lions Club Charities
Cecelia Payne
Peterson Family Foundation
Brenda Pierce
Daniel Platt
Christopher Porter
Mr. and Mrs. John Reid
Ralph Rinaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Mary Rock
St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church
St. Theresa Catholic Church
David and Angeline Shonka
Raymond and Holly Smith
Peter Sowa
Spherion Staffing & Recruiting
Diane Stephens
Paul and Janet Thorne
Gary and Maureen Titsworth
Joanna Tolentino
Matthew Tuminella
Gerard and Kim Ulrich
Carlos and Julia Villa
Joseph and Caeli Volk
Robert E. and Beverly J. Ward
Marcia Watkins
Adam and Patricia Wiles
Lola Williams
Gregory and Kathleen Witherow
Desiree Wolfe
Philip and Diane Yianilos
Mrs. Iva P. Zemple
Bernard L. Ziegler

SUPPORTER $500 – $999

Mary Allen
Kevin and Michelle Allen
Ancient Order of the Hibernian, Father Kelley Division
Joyce B. Andrew
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anzilotti
Josh Atkinson
Jean Balbo
Mr. and Mrs. Ercole Barone
Von Barron
Mary & Jerry Bergfeld
John Brady
Edward Cameron
John and Katherine Campbell
Dolores Castle
Catholic Diocese of Arlington
Stephen Connelly
Charles and Jill Cosgrove
Rachel Sophia Crooks
Ryan and Ann Da-Re
Dave and Lori Stinson-GEICO Local
Charles and Nancy Demarest
Ditch Witch of Virginia
Executive 1 Holiday Company, LLC
Geoff and Kristen Federmeier

Robert Follett
Ms. Chloe Giampaolo
Mary Ann Gibbons
Delois Giron
David and Joan Goggin
John and Stephanie Greenfelder
Thomas and Joanne Guarini
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gulick
Edward Halbert
Stephen Hartman
Mr. John Hauser
Heritage Hunt Neighbors
Donna House
Mr. and Mrs. John K, Hudson
Alvin James Jr.
Sharon Jemielity
Ms. Hedwig Kamai
Peggy and John Kamin
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kaufman
Mary and Kevin Kelly
Richard and Toni Klinc
Knights of Columbus Ascension Council 9285
Douglas Koupash

David Kreitzer
Janice Kremer
Daniel and Jill Mahoney
Mr. Dennis Malley
Joe Mancuso
Ms. Pamela Marcinko
Matthew Marsala
Paul McCulla
Marianne McKittrick-Grant
Ms Carol McNulty
Mr. Syd and Janet McPherson
Susan Miller
Domenick and Patricia Mingione
Cynthia & John Murray
Margarita and Guillermo Navas
John Nguyen and Anh Pham
O’Brien Family Living Trust
Roger and Barbara Orban
Liz Patrone
Margaret Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Pratt
PrimeauMayer Financial
Ronald Rinaldi
Jeanette M Rishell
Fernando Rodriguez
James Root
Aaron Roth
Peter and Michelle Rowe
Craig and Mary Heim Sadick
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Saladino
Mrs. Rita Foradori and Mr. Charles J. Schug
Richard Sites
Ms. Patricia Sitnik
Joseph Skibinski
Brian Sledz
Amanda Smith
St. Raymond of Peñafort Roman Catholic Church
Sons of the American Legion Post 10
Steven and Yvonne Sparling
Mathew and Victoria Thompson
Donna Vanderpool
Julia Wagner
Allen Warren
Karen White
Carol Williams
Rebecca Wire
Mr. Warren Withrow
Ms. Janice Ziegler

FRIEND – Less than $500

J. Abeith
Stella Abella
Binyam Abeye
Alayne Adams
Stephen Adams
Carron Adkins
Maria Alabin
Tetyan Aldave
William and Barbara Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Alessi
April Alexandrow
All Saints Parish Library
Jean Almaguer
Ben and Sandra Almond
AmazonSmile Foundation
Jane An and John S. An
Elizabeth Anderson
Alexander Ante
Vincent and Sheila Antonelli
Ms. Julie Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Atkinson
Clement Audray
Keenan Aungst
Cynthia Austin
Jane Austin
Ms. Viki Babcock
Mary and James Baggett
Linda Balulis
Robert and Janet Banasik
Rosemarie Barber
Katherine Barczak
Marie Barnaby
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Barnard
Colleen Barsanti
Paul and Barbara Barsnica
Anne Bartelloni
Peggy Baughman
Carl Baumann
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Baumert
James Beatty
James Beavers
Dorothy Beckel
Neil and Jessica Beech
Caroline Griffin Beischer
Donald and Margaret Belanus
Peter Bell
Benedictine Sisters of Virginia
Joanne Bennett
Ms. Margareta Bennett
Kurt and Elizabeth Berger
John Bergin
Ms. Barbara Bernard
Martin and Lyndia Bernet
Michael and Marilou Berry
Neoma Berry
Heather Berthold
Bonnie Bielski
Bigoski Insurance Agency
Bigoski Insurance Agency LLC
James Bird
John and Theresa Bisaga
Deborah Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. John Bland
Monica and Richard Blank
Robert and Carol Jean Bleck
Kate Boaz
Paul Bolinger
John & Diana Bondanella
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bongiovanni
Patty Booher
Francis Bordelon
Kathleen Bouchard
Zoe Bowen
Mary Anne Bowles
Judy Boyle and Joseph J. Boyle
William Brannan
Richard Brazill
Joseph and Christine Harkins
Mr. Francis Brickfield and Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens
Deborah Britten
Alison Broaddus
Michele Brooks
Joanne T. and Gilbert S. Brown
Judith Brown
Tony Brown
Margaret Brubaker
John M. Bryant
John and Beverly Buczacki
Joan Bullock
John C. Burkhalter
John and Anne B. Burns
John and Jane Busavage
Valerie Butler
Don Byrne
Yvonne Cadwallader
Joseph and Clarisse Calcaterra
Susan Callahan
Robert and Mary Callander
Ms. Claudia Callis
Martha Cammack
Maria Nimfa Campos
LTC Pedro and Maria Capestany
Barbara Carmichael
Debbie Carroll
Sandra Cartwright
John Cashman
Alice Castillo
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ceconi
Aida Celestino
David Chalkley
Lucy Chang
Gordon and Pattijane Chapin
Eugene J. and Karen Y. Chiodo
Hye (Marianne) Choe
Jim Chundevalel
Church of the Nativity
Janina Cikotas
David and Ann Cimini
Teresa Cira
The Clark Family Trust
Mr. Russell T. and Mrs. Patricia A. Clarke
Classen Living Trust DTD
Craig Clevenger
Geralyn and Mark Clinton
Regina Cobert
Elanor Colahan and William Velardi
Patricia Colgan
Cathy and Ralph Colleli
Combined Federal Campaign
Joan Comstock
Linda K. Concannon
Elaine K. Conner
Ms. Ruthann Cope
Margaret Corbett
Barbara Corcoran
Judy Corcoran
Terri Corcoran
Medul Cordova-Nguyen
Warren and Chona Corson
Mr. Robert Coulter
Sammy and Mary Ann Cowden
Edward Cox
Mary Cramer
Lois Crean
Glenn and Rita Creel
James Creel
John and Mary Ellen Crennan
Frances Croson
Theresa Croson
Catherine Crouse
Karen Croushorn
Edelmira Cruz
Ms. Carol Cuddihy
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cullen
Thomas and Kathleen Cumber
Mary Ann Cunningham
Vincent D’Auria
Helen Davignon
Leonardo Da Silva and Sonia Silva
Wanda Dalling
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dalrymple
Mrs. Pauline Daly
Mark and Carol Damico
Carroll Danielson Jr. and Hope Nowland Danielson
Lucy Dartley
Elliott and Thomasine Davis
Elaine Dawson
John Day
Eleonora De Guzman
Ligia de Monico
Philip Dale Dean Jr.
Paule and Anthony Debs
Diane Decker
Gina DeCrisci-Farmer
Peter Defluri III
Ms. Patricia Dekkers
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Dela Garza
Mr. and Mrs. John Denning
John and Linda DePerro
Elizabeth and Richard Derbyshire
Louise Desbiens
Desiree Desierto
Patrick Devane
Jacob DeVos
Emilio and Marlene DiCola
Aida Dino
Carolyn Doescher
Henry Donigan
Joan Donnelly

Ms. Maureen Donnelly
John Donovan
Richard Dorow
Nicole C. and Thomas C. Dotson
Karen Dove
Dietlinde Doyle
John Doyle
Susan Doyle
Thomas and Mary Dragone
Mary Jane Drake
Elizabeth Drost
Mary Dube
Mr. and Mrs. Keller Duncan
Mary Dunn
Edelman Financial Engines
Maria Elizondo
Melvin Engbert
Patrick and Sharon Ennis
Mr. Eugene Epperly
Helen Esposito
Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Mary A. Evans
Scott and Elizabeth Ewing
Katherine Eydenberg
Robert and Nouri Faili
Annette Faraone
Douglas Fehrer
Maureen Feldman
Diane Felice
Freddy Feliz
James Felkel
Catherine Fermo
William and Ramona Ferrando
Amy Findley
Kristen Fink
Shari Fisher
Captain Robert Stuart Fitch
John and Joan Fittz
Carolyn Fitzgerald
Mrs. Arlene M. Fitzpatrick
Clara Fleitz
Gregory Foley
Paul and Patricia Fongheiser
Louis and Janet Ford
Peter Fox and Mona Murphy
Zachary Fraser
Susan Freericks
Linda Frommer
Sheila Fruman
Anita Fucci
Frank Fuerst
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gaffney
Peter Gallagher
Joni Gallegos
Timothy Gallo and Maria Del Carmen
Belinda Garcia
Agnes Garritty
John Michael Gatt
Patrick Gawkins
Dorothy Germain
Stephen Gerrity
Adele Giambrone
Joseph A. and Janel M. Giambrone
Joseph and Sandra Giglio
Stephen Gigliotti
Ann and Scott Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gilligan
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Gillman
Constance Gilman
Ms. Maureen Gilmore
Jon and Joanne Girard
Give Lively Foundation, Inc.
Sarah Anne Given
Mary Glascock
Lisa Glosser
Gordon Goetz
Sandra Gollogly
Lora Gonder
Stella Gonzalez
Ms. Barbara Goodwin or Ms. Monica Cormier
Christine Gorman
Mary Gorodnick and Mark Scott Gorodnick
Government Business Results
Amy Graddon
Paul Graddon
Ms. Margaret Grady
Robert and Connie Graham
James Grant
Mary Gray
Mary Green
Robert Green
Mary Jean Griffin
Al and Debra Grimmig
Charles Groom
Jay Gross
Jennifer Gross
Carl Guerreri
Francis Guerrieri
Eric Gunzelman
Patricia Hackerson
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Caitlin Hadro
Karen Haefs
Darren and Sophia Hall
Charles Hambly Jr ESQ
Ms. Maureen Hannam
Diane Hannan
David and Michele Hanson
Kelly Harar
Nancy and Thomas Harar
Loretta Harmon
MIke Harner
Daniel Harris
Marianne and James Harris
Timothy and Cindy Hartless
John and Valeria Hartmann
Valeria Hartmann
Carl and Patricia Hartung
Jeanne Harvey
Beth Haubach
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hauptli
Timothy Heisler
Maryanne Helffrich
Nancy Hencken
David Henshaw
Sonia Hernandez
Marianne Herzog
Carol Hess
Samuel L. and Cynthia J. Higginbottom
Elizabeth Higgins
James and Elizabeth Hildebrand
Mr. William Hilton
David Hinckley
Gary and Carol Hobday
Lisa Hodge
Rebecca Hoe
Linda Holmes
Cynthia Hopgood
Horner Family
G.A. and A.M. Howard
Denise Howe
Mary Howell
Paula Bertocchi Howes
Mr. William Hoyle
Kathleen Hunter
Mark and Susan Hunter
Daniel Huntzinger
Maria Huscilowitc
Nicholas and Eileen Iammartino
Elisabeth Maria Immers
Ann Marie Jackson
Phil Jackson
Timothy and Brenda Jackson
Ms. Suzanne Jekic
Terri Jenkins
Daniel Jenuleson
Mary and Joseph Johannesson
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnson
David H. Johnson
Kenya Johnson
Mary Lou Johnson
Katherine Jones
Carl Joseph
Mr. Johnson Joseph
Richard Joyce
Dorothy and Larry Jurica
Louise Kamali
Marilyn Kamm
Shantharama and Darina Karanth
Lynn Karcich
Ms. Althea Katona & Ms. Virginia Katona
Warren and Joan Kaufman
Alexandra Kazakis M.D. PLC
John Keane
Diane Kearney
Clare Keating
Timothy and Patricia Keating
Carol Kee
james Kee
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kehoe
Ms. Kathleen Keim
Christy Keith
Brigid Kelly
Peggy and Michael Kelly
Ms. Virginia Kelly
F.J. Kenefick
Joyce Kenneson
Bunny Kerrigan
Joseph Kiernan III and Sharon C. Kiernan
Mar cy Kiesnowski
Jocelyn Kilgore

Dan and Diane Kilkeary
Mr. or Mrs. Barry Kime
Mark and Cathy Kimmet
Nien King
Suzanne King
Wilma King
James and Mary Klote
John and Judith Knight
Ronald E. Knudsen
Lee Kohler
Ms. Karen Komar
Mike Korbey
Jean Koszycki
Margaret Kovacs
Frances Kowalski
Marie Kreiner
Theresa Kristanc
Michelle and Mark Kuhn
Barbara Kurland
Edward LaClare
Mary Lalande
Rachel Lamparter
Sharron R. and Mark R. Land
Susan Landry
MaryKatherine Lanzillotta
Amanda & Sacha LaScala
Frank and Lorraine Lasch
Megan Lawler
Simon Lee Jr
Rob Lee
Darlene C. and Mark E. Leffler
Dorthy Legan
Denise Legge and Barnwell I. Legge
Craig and Ann Leggett
Robert and Ann Lehman
Lennar at Stonehaven
Maribeth Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lesciotto
Mary Levenson
Edward and Katherine Levick
Belinda Lew
Paul and Mary Lightfoot
Sandra Lincoln
Frances Lindsey
Patrick and Jacqueline Lorzing
Kathleen Lowell
Anne Marie Lucas
Rosalie Lucas
Dennis Lucey
John and Maggie Luecke
Sarah Lumicao
Marian Luu
Oriana MacGregor
James MacKenzie
Robert and Donna Mackey
Maureen Magee
Lenore Magrum
Robert and Barbara Mahiques
Holly Mahony
Nana Makali
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Malandrino
Maria E. Maldonado
Manassas Church of the Brethren
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Manley
Amy Mann
Lurile Mansfield
Ms. Betsy Mansueto
Wes & Madeleine Marchesseault
Michael and Janet Martinet
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Marvin
Mary Marx
Madeleine Mason
Scott & Tiffany Mathias
Sharon Matney
Constance Mayhugh
MBA- Mortgage Bankers Association
Dianne L. McAndrews
John Patrick and Edith Whitehouse
Harold McCarty Jr. and Marlene M. Hahn
Margaret McCarty
Shawn and Jill McConnell
R. Timothy McCrum
Susan McCullough
Kenneth McDonald
Teresa McGervey
James McGinn
Frances McGuire
Linda McGuire
Elizabeth McGuirk
Michael and Jennifer McIntosh
Phyllis McLarney
Ms. Gwen McNally
Barbara McNiff
G. Tracy and Mary Mehan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mehl
Michael Mendicino
Amanda Meny
Douglas and Wally Mertes
Jennifer Meteyer
Meyer Trust
Kristin Micale
Thomas Michalisko
Steven Michals
Margaret Miller
Sharon B. Miner
Carolyn G. and John M. Minneci
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Mirabal
Matik and Jane Mirko
Julie Mishol
Jeanne Mitchell
Candace Moe
Aras Mohammed
Patricia Mola
Jeanne Monahan
Patrick Mooney
Lauren Moore
William Moraca
Deborah Morone
Robert Morrow
Tyler Morson
Leilani Morton
Cynthia Motloch
Agnes Mravcak
Gerard and Jenelle Mrykalo
David and Sandra Muench
Martin and Mary Mulroe
Mr. Michael Murphy
John R. and Cynthia Murray
Ms. Linda Nash
John and Carolyn Naughton
James and Deborah Nelson
Tom Nemeth
Phuc Thi Nguyen
Tam Le Nguyen
Angela and Matthew Nicholson
Daniel and Margaret Norton
William Norton
Jacqueline Novak
Joan Novak
Stephanie Nyirasafari
Daniel O’Connor
Ms. Mary K. O’Connor
Dennis Joseph and Dolores O’Malley
Thomas O’Malley
Elizabeth and Shawn O’Neill
John and Joan O’Neill
William O’Sullivan
George T. Ocilka
Oluwaseun Ogunmodede
Donna O’Harren
Katherine Orf
Reese Orwig
Joseph and Judith Osborne
Carolyn Ott
Katy Pabst
John Paganelli
Nancy Pagano
Poonam Pahwa
Michelle Paine
Charles Palmer and Sheri L. Dennison
Larry and Monica Park
Mr. and Mrs. George Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Hasvadan Patel
Chad Patterson
John and Kenna Payne
Richard Payne
PayPal Giving Fund
Cristina S Pereira
William and Carol Petrusky
Jocelyn Pettit
Philanthropi Charitable
Ms. Patricia Phillips
Robert Phillips and Loretta A.Phillips
John and Joan Picarelli
Henry E. and Karen L. Pichocki
Dennis Pick
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Piepenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pillion III
Kathleen Pipoly
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Pitts
Mr. Robert Pletcher
K Pongonis
Lori Poole
Robin Poullath
Ms. Joan Powers
Michael and Anne Pramstaller
Linda Preston
Mr. Robert Prevost
RADM Brian Prindle, USN, RET
Donald Provencher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Puterbaugh
Paul Quast

Bill and Caitlin Quinones
Richard and Susan Rabil
Angela Randall
Isaac and Brenda Randall
Philippe and Gail Randon
Kieran Raval
William Rayment
Red Hat Ladies of Heritage Hunt
Michael Reilly
Jane Reinsel
Thomas Repke
Ever Reyes
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rice
Sally Richards
Charles Ricks
John Rigby
Eva Ann Rinker
Joseph D Risi
Elizabeth Rogers
Ms. Ronda Rogers
Steven and Christine Rogers
Lorraine Rolston
Joseph and Jeanne Romeo
Ms. Nanette Root
Ellen Rosenberger
Kathy Rossi
Dianne Rote and Joseph D. Rote
Amy Ruggeri
The Ruhl Family Charitable Foundation
Raymond and Marilyn Ruland
Emily J. Russell
Mark and Patricia Sabas
Mr. and Mrs. David Sachs
Paul and Heidi Santschi
Caliope Sarago
Alexandra Sarmiento
Marilyn Saunders
Janet Savko
Elton and Tara Sayani
William Scheid
Lucy Schleibaum
Deborah Schmuck
Leyla Scott
Sheryl Scull
Linda Servais-Byers
Eduardo Sevilla
Ann Sharp
Ellen Shaver
Christine Sheehy
Kathleen Regis Sheridan
Cheryl Sherrier
Marilyn Shipley
Shirley Shives
Ms. Susie Siemann-Waters
Kathleen Siemer
W. Lawrence and Alice E. Silbaugh
Byron Siliezar
Maryellen Silsby
Alicia Silva
Richard and Phyllis Simard
Brian and Carolyn Simpson
Bill Singleton
Lou Skojec
Thor Sleczkowski
John and Ruth Sloan
Laura A. and Arthur G. Smallwood
Stephanie Smarr
Antoinette Smart
Anna Smith Gagnet
Carol Smith Lauffenburger
Alicia Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith
Janet Lee Smith
Lynn Smith
Ms. Magdelaine Smith
Margaretta Smith
Richard Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sperow
St. Veronica Catholic Church
Cathlene Jo and Mark J. Stangler
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Staron
Mr. Paul Starr
Erica Stein
Caroline Stenard
Edward Stephens
John Stine and Martha B. Stine
Raymond and Barbara Stoetzer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strasser
Gilbert and Barbara Stromvall
Andre Stroud
Gerald Stuck
Joanne Stump and Theodore M. Stump
Edward and Mary Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Surbey
Gerald and Therese Svat
Mike Swingle
Dung and Diep Ta
Karl and Dorothy Talts
Robert Tate
Barbara Taylor
Janice and Floyd Terry
Stephen Theobald
John and Karen Thomas
Linda Thomas
Jeff and Tracy Thompson
Patricia Thompson
John and Courtney Tierney
David Timmons
Natalie Toth
Anne L. Trainor
Ms. Kim-Thanh Tran
Donnie Trawick Jr.
Margo Trollinger
Siang Tsao
Yao Tsikata
David Tuohey
Patricia Turant
Michael Turchetti
Brian and Diane Turner
John Turner III and Janan E. Turner
Joseph and Melanie Turpin
John Tweed
Patricia Tysiak
Ms. Mary Pat Ubelhart
United Way of Central Maryland
Mr. and Mrs. James Upperman
Geralyn and Larry Uribe
Frederick and Carol Vago
Ms. Kerin Vark
Vincent and Marguerite Velotta
Virgilio and Cristina Villapando
Richard and Jacqueline Vincent
Charles and Betty Waggoner
Dr. John Wagner
The Walter
Mary and Stephen Waldron
Mary Walker
Ryan Walker
Mr. and Mrs. David Wallestad
John M. Walsh. Jr.
Hsi-chih Wang
Raphael and Susan Warshaw
Scott Weaver
Judith Weiand
Lisandrea Wentland
Jean Wernici
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wheeler
Ianae Wheeler
Steve and Juanita Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whitaker
Charles White
Donald White
Richard and Diane White
Linda Whitehead
Alicia Whiteis
Judith Whiteis
Peter Whiteis
John Wilber
Linda Wilder Curtis
Paul and Germaine Williams
Barbara Williamson
Ms. Patricia Willie
Diane Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Alec Winfrey
Rebecca Wisecup
David and Katherine Wolf
Sherry Wolf
Debra Wolfsayer
Jerome Wolgin
Bette Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Wood
Margi Worrest
Elizabeth and Robert Woytko
Jane Wyman
Mr. and Mrs. Rockney Yobp
Brian & Amy Young
Deborah Young
Ms. Dorothy Young
Maria Zakaria
Sharon Zelaska
Karen Zipper
John Zolper