Donors & Partners

A heartfelt thanks to YOU for all your financial support to and prayers for the House of Mercy during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout the year. Without your support, we could not have kept our doors open to serve those in need in our community.

Last Updated: August 28, 2020

CHAMPION $10,000+

Tony and Monica Brown
Andy and Kimberly Dalrymple
Daniel and Gayle D’Aniello
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dominick
Traffic Systems & Techology
Dominick Family Foundation
FFD Services, LLC
David Gallagher
Carol Haecker
The Cecil & Irene Hylton Foundation
Paul and Vicky Marsala
The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

LEADER $5,000 – $9,999

St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church
John Day
Sandra and Sam Dominick
Nathan and Sondra Evans
Leo and Dawn Filipowicz

The Neall Family Charitable Foundation
William Karlson
Marianne McKittrick-Grant
Christopher J. Melnick

Caring Hands Animal Hospital of Bristow, LLC
Shawn and Elizabeth O’Neill
Lori Pilong
Gainesville Physical Therapy

Albert and Marilyn Wavering
Michael and Debbie Wykowski
United Way of the National Capital Area
County of Prince William

ADVOCATE $1,000 – $4,999

Michael and Elaine Ahern
Kevin Allen
Denise Anezin, PhD PMP
Mary and James Baggett
Christopher Baker
Ms. Eleanor Beaver
Northwest Federal Credit Union
Monica Blank
Richard and Jacqueline Boak
John Bouchard and Saundra Albrite-Bouchard
Carol Brown
Catholic Diocese of Arlington
Edward Cameron
Bill and Faye Carpenter
Robert F. Carpenter
Francis Cartwright
Robert Church
David and Ann Cimini
Martin Clemmer
Foundation Systems and Anchors
Sandra Corish
Keith and Dorothy Anne Damon
Closets by Design
Maria Victoria De Arce
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Catherine DeBritz
Gilbert Diaz
David Dugan
Scott Eshleman
Holy Spirit Catholic School
Bill Flannery
Tree Surgeon LLC
Clara Fleitz
Robert and Rose Follett
John Michael Gatt
C. Giampaolo
St. Theresa Catholic Church
The Haecker Family Charitable Fund
Mike and Mary Halick
Steven and Cathy Hammerstrom
Mrs. Eileen Heim
Gary Hobday
John and Ruth Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kaufman
Robert and Peggy Keighery
Alice King
Richard and Toni Klinc
Holy Family Catholic Church
Charles and Patricia Lapihuska
Azalea Charities
CAPT Marc and Laura Laverdiere
Emanuel and Betty Licitra
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lindsey
Mario and Wanda Lopes
Mr. and Mrs. William Lucas
Joe Mancuso
Madeleine Martel
Mary Marx
Mr. William Matson
Patrick and Joan McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McGirr
Edward McManus
Ms Carol McNulty
Anne and Tom Mead
Adrienne C Mehl
Faughnan Mendicino, PLLC
Eric and Gale Michael
Domenick and Patricia Mingione
Anthony and Martha Mirra
Barry and Christina Neff
John Nguyen and Anh Pham
Vy Nguyen
Mr. John O’Connor
Elizabeth Oravec
Patricia Parr
Cecelia Payne
The Giving Circle of Heritage Hunt
Michael and Kristine Perri
Peterson Family Foundation
The Drexel Group, LLC
Eugene and Denise Robinett
Terrance and Marilyn Rogstad
Joseph and Jeanne Romeo
Our Lady of the Rosary Council #12982
Aaron Roth
Owen and Gerry Ryan
Craig and Mary Heim Sadick
Mrs. Rita Foradori and Mr. Charles J. Schug
Miller Toyota
COL(R) Peter T. and Marilyn E. Sowa
The Mary E. Van Drew Charitable Foundation
Henry and Ann Sterbenz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stubblebine
Daniel Thompson
Paul and Janet Thorne
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Titsworth
Patricia Turant
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Carlos Villa
Jennifer Villa
Joseph and Caeli Volk
Falcon Communications
Maureen Walsh
Robert E. and Beverly J. Ward
Marcia Watkins
One Thing Foundation
Adam and Patricia Wiles
QMT Windchimes
Mr. and Mrs. Rockney Yobp
Mrs. Iva P. Zemple
Bernard L. Ziegler
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
CoHuHD Costar, LLC
Erie Insurance
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Kiwanis Club of Bull Run Incorporated

SUPPORTER $500 – $999

Sean Ahern
Jean Ainslie
Ms. Carole Aitchison
Mary Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John Babicz
Rosanne Backhus
Mel and Jean Balbo
Stephen Balint
Linda Balulis
Rosemarie Barber
The American Legion Post 10
Ercole Barone
John E and Carolyn Beck
Mr. and Mrs. John Bland
George and Margaret Bolash
John Bondanella
The Oden Hunter Foundation
Kieran Bustamante
Chioariu Family Trust
Mr. Russell T. and Mrs. Patricia A. Clarke
Verity Commercial
Mr. James Conley and Mr. Vincent Adams
Charles and Jill Cosgrove
Mr. Robert Coulter
Angela Crain
Ms. Carol Cuddihy
Michael Cusick
Charles and Lucy Dartley
LTC Thomas and Mary Veronica Dietz
Mr. and Mrs. James Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gaffney
Ronald and Ann Susan Gilbert
Thomas and Mary Ginty
David and Joan Goggin
Blue Mantle Technology
Graz and Brenda Graziano
Jennifer Gross
Joanne Guarini
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gulick
Bryan Hadro
Sonia Hernandez
Michelle Huber
John and Charlotte Hudson
B3 Inc
Alvin James
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnson
Ms. Kathleen Keim
Michael and Ann Komelasky
Michael Kroeger
Francis and Lorraine Lasch
Bernard Lewandowski
Maria Lomac
Susan Loving
Matthew Marsala
Michael Martinet
Thomas McGrath
Syd McPherson
Eric Michael
Sharon B. Miner
John and Carolyn Naughton
Ms. Bettie Noonan
Jonathan and Megan Nytes
Ann O’Brien
John and Mary Ochenkowski
William A. Olson
Ronald Pacella
Henry and Karen Pichocki
Thomas and Carolina Pillion
Kathleen Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rice
Scott and Kellie Ross
Jeffrey Shafer
Andrew Shaw
Shirley Shives
David and Angeline Shonka
Laura A. and Arthur G. Smallwood
Nancy Stragand
Patricia Thompson
Matthew and Victoria Thompson
Alice Tira
Chris and Amy Traxler
Gerard Ulrich
Lucinda Veeck Gosden
Vincent Velotta
Barbara Wagner
Doris Waizecker
Doris Waizecker
Allen Warren
Scott Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wheeler
Justin Willis
Gregory and Kathleen Witherow
Desiree Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Wood
Ms. Janice Ziegler
The Graziano Charitable Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

FRIEND – Less than $500

Chuck Abare
Stella Abella
Alayne Adams
Ms. Donna Adkins
Mr. Kevin Ahern
Roberta S. Ainsley
Naruemon Alcott
Tetyan Aldave
Bill and Barbara Aldridge
Barbara Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Alessi
Ms. Christine Davis Alexander
Ms. Lillian Alexiou
Sanah Ali
Mary Alipio
Michele Allen
Ben and Sandra Almond
Judith Ames
Kevin Anderson
Mark Anderson
Mr. Arden Anderson or Mr. Richard Lattimer
David Anderson
John and Malia Anderson
Tetchiana Anderson
Matthew and Shelby Andre
Matt Andre
Joyce B. Andrew
Frank Andrews
Maria Ankrum
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Antonelli
Michael Anzilotti
Ms. Jennifer Araujo
Mike and Sharon Arent
Stuart Arnhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Arwood
Richard Atchison
Ms. Julie Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Atkinson
Patricia Attiliis
Cynthia Austin
Jane Austin
Ms. Georgianna Avioli
Donald Bain
Michael Baines
Deborah and Thomas Baird
Jeannette Baker
Janet Banasik
Michelle Barbar
Kara Barger
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Barnard
Genevieve Barnes
Ercole and Viola Barone
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Barrett
Barbara Barrick
Von and Joanne Barron
Anne Bartelloni
Mr. and Mrs. Trent Bartholomew
Jeffrey Bartlett
Michael and Patricia B Bartnick
Christopher and Mary Ruth Bates
Ms. Carmela Batol-Festin or Ms. Evita Dalai
Ms. Peggy A. Baughman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Baumert
Lawrence and Anne Marie Beach
Dorothy Beckel
Peter Bell
danielle bencivenga
Richard Bendekovic
Mr. Troy Benitez
Ms. Margareta Bennett
Elizabeth Berger
Mary F. and Jerome Bergfeld
Elliot Berke
Tony and Patricia Berlingieri
Ms. Barbara Bernard
Bernadette Bernardino
David and Catherine Bernero
Martin and Lyndia Bernet
Michael and Marilou Berry
Zoelfakar Beshir
Bonnie Bielski
John and Theresa Bisaga
Mrs. Janice Bissell
Ms. Rose Bivens
Judith Blackwell
Robert and Carol Jean Bleck
Judy Bohince
Richard Bohmer
Richard and Roseann Bohmer
Paul Bolinger
John and Diana Bondanella
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bongiovanni
Ms. MaryAnn Borkowski
Mr. Chris Bosco
Ms. Nada Boswell
Charles and Song Bourgeois
Ms. Marie Boursiquot
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman
Michelle Boyle
Rosa Brackett
Mr. and Mrs. James Brado
Jamie Bradsher
Diana Brathwaite
Francis and Annie Brenner
Mr. Francis Brickfield and Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens
Edward Brinckman
Dorothy Broderick
Lawrence Brown
Ms. Sherry Brown
Joanne T. and Gilbert S. Brown
Mr. Robert Brown or Ms. Judith Brown
David Bruce
Matthew and Elizabeth Bubelnik
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Buchanan
John and Beverly Buczacki
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burk
The Ernest J. & Dava L. Burke Jr. Trust
Ms. Peggy Burke
Edward Burnett
Kevin Burns
Thomas Burns
Nancy Burns
Brendan and Marianna Burns
Andrea Burrows
Mr. Shearer Busick
Valerie Butler
Mark Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Byrne
Tuyet Cahill
Joseph and Clarisse Calcaterra
Katie Calderon
Claudia Calderon
Susan Callahan
Robert and Mary Callander
Ms. Claudia Callis
John and Katherine Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Sang Cao
LTC Pedro and Maria Capestany
Victoria Caplan
Jeffrey Cappel
James Carlini
Mr. Bryan Carlson
Barbara Carmichael
Mr. J. Daniel Carroll and Ms. Wendy C. Cox
Patricia and Dale Carrow
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carruthers
Mrs. Sandra Cartwright
Robert and Dolores Castle
Elizabeth Cataldo
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ceconi
David Chalkley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chamlee
Ju-wei Chang
Mr. Godron Chapin or Ms. PattiJane Chapin
Ms. Georgene Chastain
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Cheshire
Sonia Chin
Eugene J. and Karen Y. Chiodo
Patrick Chisholm
Linda A. Christ
Jim Beena Chundevalel
Janina Cikotas
Church of the Nativity
St. Mary of Sorrows Church
Adrienne Clair
Drew and Ruth Clark
Mr. Keith Clark
Mr. and Mrs. James Clemons
Marian Cline
Clohessy Family
Ms. Michelle Clor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coco
Eleanor Colahan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Colangelo
Henry and Janine Colavita
Timothy and Colleen Colgan
Clayton and Florence Cole
Carmella Cole
Michele Combest
Patricia Como
Linda K. Concannon
Stephen Connelly
Amy Conner
Connolly Creations
Marcia Conrad
United Bank
Nancy Conroy
Ms. Elizabeth Conroy
Clarissa Cook
Jenn Coolidge
Ms. Ruthann Cope
Mr. Thomas Copeland
Medul Cordova-Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. David Costanzo
Julie Coughenour
Valarie Covey
Mary Cramer
Rita Creel
John and Mary Ellen Crennan
Marilyn C. Cromartie
Mr. and Mrs. Cronier
Mr. and Mrs. D. & M. Crosson
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Culipher
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cullen
Joseph L. Cunningham Revocable Living Trust
Linda Custis
Jesus Cuzzi
Ryan Da Re
Mr. and Mrs. William Dalecky
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dalrymple
Mrs. Pauline Daly
Rosemary Damewood
Barbara D’Andrade
Abigail Daniel
Ryan and Ann Da-Re
Mr. Brian Davidson
Theresa Davies
George Davies
Mrs. Helen D’Avignon
Elliott and Thomasine Davis
Jink Davis
Elaine Dawson
Ann De Bearn
Rogelio and Belinda de Pano
Mr. Timothy Deady
Daniel and Nadyne Deary
John Deasy
Kim DeChristopher
Kim DeChristopher
Mrs. Eleanor Deely
Ms. Patricia Dekkers
Lina del Mundo
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Dela Garza
Ms. Maria Delobe
Stephanie Demarest
Mary Demchak
Mr. and Mrs. John Denning
John F. and Linda L. DePerro
Ms. Elizabeth Derbyshire
Janis DeVore
Carolyn Dickens
Aida Dino
Carolyn Doescher
joan donnelly
Ms. Maureen Donnelly
Mr. Earl Donnette, Jr.
Joyce Dorula
Merle Douglas
John and Susan Doyle
Dietlinde Doyle
Mary Jane Drake
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Drakopoulos
Elizabeth Drost
David and Nancy Dunaway
Charles D Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Keller Duncan
Laura Durback
Casey Durso
Benedictine Sisters of Virginia

Mr. Gordon Dyson or Ms. Irmgard Dyson
Mary Anne Eastman
Theresa Egan
Patricia Elie
Rick Ellrod
Jeanette Engel
Patrick Ennis
Mr. Eugene Epperly
Ms. Maryann Ernst
Jose and Belkys Escobar
Mr. and Mrs. James Etro
James and Roberta Etzel
Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Mary A. Evans
Evans Family
Scott Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Falvey
Mrs. Mary Fantucchio
Annette Faraone
Brian Farmer and Gina DeCrisci-Farmer
Mr. Richard Faulkner
Federighi Family
Maureen and Scott Feldman
Catherine Fermo
William and Ramona Ferrando
Jason Fink and Erin Indahl-Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Finnigan
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fisher
Robert Stuart Fitch
John and Joan Fittz
Mrs. Arlene M. Fitzpatrick
James and Darby Fitzpatrick
Ms. Denise Fkoury
Anthony W. and Theresa Marie Flay
Ms. Sarah Fleming
Ms. Stacy Fleming
Dawn Fletcher
Ms. Marcia Flohr
Maura Florimonte
Cashondra Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Foley
Forrester Family
William Forster
Jeffrey and Martha Fortman
Jeanny A Foster
Carolyn Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Foy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fradette
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Franconeri
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Franz Jr.
Jonathan Freeman
Mr. David Freiheit
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Fulkerson
Vernell Fuller
Charles Fuller
Patricia Gabriel
Anthony Gagliardo
Daniel and Joanne Galik
John & Jeri Gallagher Family Trust
Joni Gallegos
Ms. Marisol Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. David Garmon
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Garney
Agnes Garritty
Pat Gawkins
Elizabeth Geiger
Donald and Betty Mae Geisler
Ms. Jean Gentry
John and Dorothy Germain
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gianoli
Mary Ann Gibbons
Roy Gibbs
Jeremiah Gibbs
Bob and Jane Gibson
Joan Gifford
Joseph and Sandra Giglio
Stephen Gigliotti
Mr. and Mrs. Dante Gil-Alvarado
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gilbride
Cols. Lenue and Barbara Gilchrist
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gilligan
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Gillman
Ms. Maureen Gilmore
Jon and Joanne Girard
Delois Giron
Ms. Marlene Girouard
Sarah Anne Given
Mary Glascock
Kevin and Brenda Glass
Mary Goetter
Gordon Goetz
Nancy Goff
Ms. Doramarie Golanoski
Walter and Marie Goldschmidt
Mr. Raul Gomez or Ms. Gabriela Merino
Mr. Anthony Gonzales
Ms. Barbara Goodwin or Ms. Monica Cormier
Mr. and Mrs. John Gorkowski
Dolores Gracan
Ms. Margaret Grady
Mary Gray
Mary Gray
Chelsea Gray
John and Stephanie Greenfelder
Robert and Frances Greenstine
Mr. John Gregory or Luz Gregory
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Edith C. Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Grimmig
Charlie Groom
Mr. Raul A. and Mrs. Ulrike M. Grumberg
Audrey Guarino
Guenther & Bishop Families
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Guercio
Francis Guerrieri
Paul Gunning
Eric Gunzelman
Diane Haas
Karen Haefs
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hagan
John and Jenny Hagen
Marney Hale
Rebecca Hall
Ms. Audrey Hambleton
Charles Hambly, Jr
Jody Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. John Hankelau
Ms. Maureen Hannam
Zakia Hannie
James and Linda Hansen
David and Michele Hanson
Ileana Harbour
Joseph Harkins
Kevin and Theresa Harrigan
Daniel Harris
Audrey Harris
Marianne Harris
Scott Harris
Susan Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Harshberger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harshe
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hart
Cindy Hartless
John and Valeria Hartmann
Ms. Karen Hasselman
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hauptli
Kyle Hayden
William Hegedusich
Ms. Sue Ann Heins
Evan Heitman
Renate Hemphill
Nancy Hencken
John and Susan Henebery
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Henriques
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Herink
Mr. Douglas H. and Mrs. Gail A. Hewitt
Tracey Hickey
Karl Hickson
Sharon Hickson
Samuel L. and Cynthia J. Higginbottom
Theresa Higginbottom
James and Elizabeth Hildebrand
Mr. William Hilton
Mr. Stephen Hodson and Mrs. Susan Richiedei
Ms. Penelope Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Holland
Kristen Hollen
Jaime Holscher
Brad and Catherine Hoopes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hopkins
Capt. and Mrs. William Horan
Horner Family
Lourdes Horton
Barbara Houston
Denise Howe
William and Mary Howell
Paula Bertocchi Howes
Mr. William D. Howes
Emily Hsu
Ms. Susan Hubert or Ms. Jennifer Hobrecht
Ms. Kathy Hughes
Maryl Humm
Kathleen Hunter
Daniel Huntzinger
Dan Huntzinger
Mr. and Mrs. Hurley
Nicholas and Eileen Iammartino
Edmund Ignacio
William Iles
Mr. and Mrs. James Innocenzi
Casimiro and Katherine Izquierdo
Carolyn Jackson
Timothy and Brenda Jackson
Jim and Sheila Jacobs
Ms. Susan Jacobson
Robin Jahanian
Robert James
Sandra and Doug Janelle
Sandra Janelle
Ms. Suzanne Jekic
Apogee Integration
Terri Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jerabek
Gregg Johnson
David H. Johnson
Ms. Nora Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Johnson
Mary Lou Johnson
Johnson Living Trust
Jane Johnston
Mr. Steven W. and Mrs. Sheril A. Jolly
Love Jones
Ms. Margaret Jones
Lynne Jones
Ann Jones
Mr. Johnson Joseph
William Kaibel
Thomas and Kay Kale
Peggy Kamin
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kaminski
Annette Kampans
John and Janice Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Kara
Shantharama and Darina Karanth
Camille Karcher
KO Distilling
Marilyn Karp
Mr. and Mrs. Takashi Kashiwagi
Ms. Althea Katona & Ms. Virginia Katona
Diane Kearney
Clare Keating
Timothy and Patricia Keating
Mr. David Kee
Lysiane Keel
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Keen
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kehoe
Christy Keith
Ms. Michelle Keith
Mr. David Keller
Ms. Julie Keller
Ms. Virginia Kelly
Ilona Kemich
Barbara Kenefake
Ms. Mary Kenjarski
Martin and Charlotte Kennedy
Don and Marie Kennedy
Elizabeth Kennedy and Sharon Murphy
Joyce Kenneson
Mr. Wilber R. and Mrs. Mary L. Kerr
Dan and Diane Kilkeary
Mi-Yong Kim
Miriam Kim
Mr. or Mrs. Barry Kime
Niencher King
Mr. and Mrs. John King
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence King
Ms. Kimberly Kirkwood
Mr. Nathan Klontz
Peter Knudsen
Mary G. Koerber
Ms. Karen Komar
George Kong
Michael Korbey
Ms. Ada Kousdum
Mr. William Kreykenbohm
Theresa Kristanc
Mr. and Mrs. John Kuchenbrod
Jeanne and David Kuecks
Bella Kushner-Fisher
Ms. Denise Kyle
Denise Kyle
Edward LaClare
Richard LaFrance
Ms. Irene Leheney
Sylvia Laiti
Sharron R. and Mark R. Land
Robert and Dorothy Landry
Susan Landry
Ms. LuAnne Larkin
Laura Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lasky
Teresa Lee
Darlene C. and Mark E. Leffler
Craig and Ann Leggett
Ann Leggio
Raymond Lehr
Cornelia Leitch
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lesciotto
Belinda Lew
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lewicki
Ms. Sandra Lincoln
Mary Linzmeyer
David and Christina Lloyd
Michael Logan
Virginia Logan
Phyllis Lollobrigido
Ileana Lopez-Czmiel
Pablo Lorenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lorzing
Ms. Wendy Loundermon
Linda Ludwig
John M. Luecke
Helenita Lukasewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lukeman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lustig
Mr. and Mrs. John Lyall
Mr. James Lyons or Ms. Catherine Lyons
Valerie Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. John Lyver
Timothy and Kathleen MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Madigan
Anne Madsen
Kurt Maggio, MD
Mrs. Venencia V. Magnusen
Angel Magsamen
Barbara Mahiques
Gerald and Cynthia Mahony
Ms. Phyllis Maier
Joseph and Maryann Maire
Roger Maisog and Rocrisa Namata-Maisog
Nathanael Makool
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Malandrino
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Manley
Donna Manzer
Ms. Pamela Marcinko
Susan Marcinkus
Frank and Carol Maresca
Muriel Marino
Matt and Bridget Marrazzo
Gerald Martin
Justin and Sandra Martin
Ms. Dianne Martin
Cecilia Martin
Ms. Jan Martin
Karen Martin
Mr. Samuel Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Marvin
Violeta Masaki
Mrs. Mae Mather
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Matochik
Dennis May
Dianne L. McAndrews
Patrick McCarthy
James McCarthy
Ms. Elizabeth McCarthy
Ms. Jess McCluer
Barbara McCuen
Robert and Bernadette McDonald
Ken McDonald
Patricia McGill
Mrs. Bernice McGuinn or Mrs. Elisabeth Jackson
Frances McGuire
Michelle McHenry
Marilyn McHugh
Paul McKerley
Elizabeth McKittrick
Phyllis McLarney
Michael and Maggie McManus
Mark and Judith McNamee
Joan McQuaid
G. Tracy and Mary Mehan
Sonia Mehrotra
Grace B. Melnik
Douglas and Wally Mertes
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Messier
Frances Meyers
Jean Migneault
John Miles
Kevin and Gloria Miller
Ms. Patricia Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Miller
Donna Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Mills
David and Tracy Milne
Carolyn G. Minneci
William and Margaret Minto
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Mirabal
Ms. Cynthia Mirabile
David and Karen Mirkovich
Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Moffett
Mr. John Mokodean
Patricia Molseed
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Monico
Marc Monroe
Ms. Laura Moore
Mrs. Ellen Moosally or Mrs. Christine Gilbert
Lisa Morais
Miss Zoila Morales-Minan
Leah Moran
Ms. Lisa Moran
Morisi Associates, PLLC
Gloria M. and A. P. Moscatello
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moses
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mowell
Gerard Mrykalo
David and Sandra Muench
Mark and Alison Muldowney
Martin and Mary Mulroe
Jenifer Murphy
Renee Murphy
Ms. Sharon Murphy
John R. Murray
Ms. Diane Murray
Deborah Murschell
Kathy Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nau
Thomas Nemeth
Ms. Rachel Nemeth
Maritza Neuman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newton
Tam Le Nguyen
Mr. Thomas Nichols
Angela and Matthew Nicholson
Christine Nielsen
Alex Nikrant
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Noah
Mr. George Nolen
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Norris
Bill Norris
Carolyn Norris
Amanda North
William Norton
Daniel and Margaret Norton
Aime L. and Frank L. Nuar
Laura Nunneker
Mrs. Joan Oakford
Mary Ann Obernberger
O’Brien Family
O’Brien Family Trust
George Ocilka
Pam O’Connell
Paul E. O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. John OConnor
Ms. Mary K. O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Bill O’Grince
Mr. and Mrs. Raymund O’Herron
William Oldenburg
Girl Scout Troop 6848
John O’Malley
Dennis Joseph and Dolores O’Malley
Ms. Barbara Omohundro
Joan ONeill
Sean O’Neill
O’Neill Realty Inc.
Kathy Orsa
Joseph and Judith Osborne
Monica Osborne
Roger Ostrom
Bobbac and Donna Oveissi
David Pace
Ms. Melinda Pado
Margaret and John Paganelli
Kristin Palenscar
Charles Palmer
Eugene Paolino
Janet Parker
Susan H. Parker Revocable Trust
Kelly Parsons
Charles and Kelly Parsons
Mr. Rey C. and Ms. Tessie D. Pasa
Diana Pascoe
Carol and William Passero
Stephanie Passero
Mr. and Mrs. Hasvadan Patel
Marian Patey
Adrienne Payette
John and Kenna Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Payne
Ms. Linda Peck
Thomas and Monica Pedagno
Mr. Robert L. and Mrs. Susan M. Pelletier
Alvaro Pena
Michael and Tricia Peny
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Perez
John Perkinson
Chloe Perry
Collette L. Petitt
Mr. and Mrs. John Picarelli
John Picarelli
Helen Pickard
Barbara Z. and Douglas B. Pickering
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Piepenburg
Ms. Shirley Pieper
Paul and Brenda Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pierce
Our Lady of Hope Catholic School
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Pitts
Eva M. Pleta, D.D.S., LLC
Mr. Robert Pletcher
Arthur and Helen Poli
Lori Poole
Ms. Annette Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Posdamer
Mary Poullath
Sharon Pound
Anne Pound
Richard Powell
Michael and Anne Pramstaller
Linda Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Priebe
Ms. Josephine Prince
Barbara Principe
Ms. Heather Pritchett
Kenia Protillo
Mark Pugh
Mary Jane Pumphrey
Lauri Purvin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Puterbaugh
Dunia Quinn
Richard Ragold
Ms. Stephanie Ragsdale
Isabelle A. Raines
Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Randon
Gabriela and Alexandre Rapolti
Philip and Doreen Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Burwin Reed
Mrs. Jacqueline Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. John Reid
Lorraine Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Remondino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rener
Ulli Reynolds
Mr. Niles Riddel or Ms. Marilyn Riddel
The Kathy Bowen Riley Living Trust
Mrs. Ann Rinker
Wendy Rios
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robbins
Linda Roberts
Ms. Maria-Ana Robinson
Kathleen Rock
Kathleen Rock
Karina Rodriguez
Donald Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Rogers
Mary Beth Rogers
Margaret Roldan
Lorraine Rolston
Maria Carol Roman
Ms. Nanette Root
Ms. Jessica Root
Ms. Jessica Root
Kenneth Root
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ropp
Cheryl Rose
Ellen Rosenberger
E. and R. Rosenblat
Kathy Rossi
Kathy Rossi
Mr. William Rouck
Mr. and Mrs. George Rowan
Mr. Jason Rowe
Timothy Rowe
Patricia Ruckle
Wendy Ruffle
karen Ruscello
Mrs. Mary-Lin J. and RADM William J. Ryan
Gina Ryan
Mark and Patricia Sabas
Alexander J Sabol
Mr. and Mrs. David Sachs
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Saladino
Joan Salvagno
Alpha Omega Clinic
Mr. Jeffrey Sands
Ms. Teresa Sappier
Mr. and Mrs. John Saunders
Marilyn Saunders
Mary Saxton
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Scanlon
William Scheid
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schellenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Scherer
Jenna Schifalacqua
Lorraine Schooner
Kathy Schoshiniski
Gerard and Leslie Schratz
Denise Schwartz
Ms. Susan Scott or Mr. Bobbie Demarino
Flagpoles, Inc.
Michael Selden
Hollie Semendy
Alfred Sendolo
Angela Serrano
Brian and Amy Shaw
Martin and Janice Shaw
Kathleen Shay
Michael and Phyllis Shea
Ms. Mickie Shea
Ms. Rosalee Shelton
Kathleen Regis and Mary Eileen Sheridan
Ms. Melanie Shipley
Marilyn Shipley
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Shonk
Stephen and JoEllen Shook
Ms. Susie Siemann-Waters
Kathleen Siemer
Sipa Sikaulu
W. Lawrence and Alice E. Silbaugh
Maryellen Silsby
Robert Silsby
Adam and Kathleen Simmons
Able Moving & Storage
Ms. Patricia Sitnik
POD Skerker Living Trust, DTD
Louis and Pamela Skojec
Lou Skojec
Ms. Harolyn Small
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith
Craige Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith
Judith Smith
Mr. George D. and Mrs. Dolores I. Smith
Janet Smith
Tammy Smith
Margaretta Smith
Christopher and Eileen Smith
Vickie Smith
Patrice Snowden
Ms. Lisa Sobolewski
Ladies of the Fourth Degree
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sorkin
Maril Sowa
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sparling
David and Vivian Speeney
Joseph and Lucy Ann Squarzini
Ms. Deborah Stacy
Cathlene Jo and Mark J. Stangler
David and Carlas Starling
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Staron
Mr. Paul Starr
Penny and Penny Starrs
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Staymates
Ralph Stephenson
Ms. Rhoda Stevens
Raymond and Barbara Stoetzer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strasser
Edward and Alisa Strittmatter
Gilbert and Barbara Stromvall
Leticia Stropes
Gerald Stuck
Mr. Dennis A. and Mrs. Nancy L. Stuessi
Michael and Heather Sullenberger
Stephen Sullivan
Surbey Living Trust
Erina Suzuki
Mrs. Angela Swann
Diep Ta
Diana Taplin
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taschek
Jason Tate
Mr. Daniel Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Taylor
The Tearno Family Rev. Trust UAD
Janice and Floyd Terry
Karen Thomas
Mrs. Eileen Thomsen
Mr. David Thomson
John and Courtney Tierney
Molly and Joseph Timko
Maureen Titsworth
Charisse Tolson
Ms. Nancy Toma
Mrs. Sandra Tomlinson
Anne Catherine Tompkins
Dierdre Torres
Michael and Helen Toussaint
Katie Tracy
Ms. Rebecca Trafton
Kathleen Trainor
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tredinnick
Mr. Richard Tredinnick
Clara M. and Joseph F. Triano
Mrs. Eneida Trinidad
Patrick Trueman
Siang Tsao
Matthew Tuminella
Ms. Ellen Turbok
Ms. Kerry Turek
Brian Turnbull
Thao Turnbull
Mr. Peter Turnbull
shirley turner
Brian and Diane Turner
Ms. Patricia Turner
Diane M. and Cornelius B. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Turosz
Kelly Tuttle
Ms. Mary Pat Ubelhart
Sylvia Updegraff
Mr. and Mrs. James Upperman
Geralyn Uribe
Ms. Jonelle Usselman
Frederick and Carol Vago
Marie Jean Valeski
Ann Marie Vance
Donna Vanderpool
Mary E. VanDyke
Ms. Kerin Vark
Vincent and Marguerite Velotta
Valerie Vick
Jesus and Andrea Vinluan
Suzanne Volpe
Rebecca Voulgarakis
Ms Vicki Wafle
Charles and Betty Waggoner
Dr. John Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wagner
Mrs. Mary D. and Mr. Stephen S. Waldron
Ms. Kelly Wallace
The Wallestad Family Living Trust
John and Lillian Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. William Walsh
Harry and Doris Walters
Mrs. Jean Walters
Bull Run Voiture 40 & 8 Society
Amy Warffeli
Mr. and Mrs. James Warrick
James and Shirley Warrick
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael
sharief watson
Mrs. Glenda Weddle
Lou Weeks
Mrs. Sherrill Wharff
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whitaker
Mr. David M. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Whitcomb
John V. and Bernadine White
Durie White
Ms. Heidi Whitesel
Gregory and Elisabeth Wick
Paul and Germaine Williams
Lola Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Wilska
Rosemarie Wilson
Ms. Joan Wilson
Diane Wilson
Ms. Patricia Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Alec Winfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Len Winsky
David and Katherine Wolf
Jerome Wolgin
Mr. Francis Wondolowski
Mr. Robert Woods or Mrs. Constance Woods
Mr. Jerry Worley
Margi Worrest
Robert and Betsy Woytko
Geri Wright
Cakes by Happy Eatery
Sandra and Sandra Wujciak
Jane Wyman
Sally Yankee
Ms. Dorothy Young
Holley Young
Stephen Young
Jon and Janice Zachman
Barbara Zblewski
Sharon Zelaska
Steven and Sandra Zenishek
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Zientek
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Zimmerman
Mrs. Karen Zipper
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Zubler
Manassas Women of The Moose
Gap Foundation
Haymarket Town & Country Garden Club
Knights of Columbus George Brent Council #5332
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.
M & M Exteriors LLC
Tang’s Alterations
United Way of South Hampton Roads
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Manassas Church of the Brethren
Ms. Letizia Teganini