Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is House of MErcy?

House of Mercy is a Catholic nonprofit striving to provide basic necessities for those in need as a way of living out our faith and showing people God's mercy and love. LEARN MORE

can anyone volunteer?

No. We need lots of help but we do have some restrictions on volunteers. We accept volunteers 16yrs and older. You must fill out an application and agree to a background check. LEARN MORE

Volunteers who are 13-18 years old can help with our Saturday service days and at special events throughout the year. LEARN MORE 

Younger volunteers can serve with their families during our special events such as our Campaign to End Hunger or Christmas with Mercy for specific shifts. LEARN MORE


Do you provide emergency rent or utility assistance?

Unfortunately we cannot provide emergency rent/utility assistance. We offer other services such as food and clothing which can be found here. Please contact Prince William County's Coordinated Entry Services for more information and resources on emergency assistance. 

How do i find help/become a client?

You can just come in any day we are open! We require ID and proof of address, so it will be helpful to bring that when you come. No appointments are necessary. LEARN MORE

what is your biggest need?

Our biggest need (other than cash!) is always food for our food pantry. We are especially low during the summer and late winter/early spring. 

Our second biggest need is customers! Help us spread the word about our Thrift Store. 100% of the sales go towards our mission of helping those in need. 

Our third largest need is volunteers. We are always in need of help in many different ways to keep this mission running.

Last, but not least, we need your prayers! This mission cannot happen without lots of prayer and of course the grace of God! 


What donations are you accepting?

We accept many donations but we do have some guidelines and there are some items we cannot accept. Please visit our donation page for more information. LEARN MORE

Donation Center FAQs

Do you pick up donations?

Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to pick up items.

Why don't you take used mattresses?

It is illegal to sell used mattresses that have not been cleaned and sanitized.  While we have the capacity to sanitize small throw pillows, we don't have the expertise or resources to clean and santize mattresses.

Why are you so particular about what items you take?

Every item donated is accepted with the goal of selling it in our thrift store or to our partner vendors to fund our food pantry.  Items that are unsellable end up in the trash and too frequent trash pickups takes away money for the food pantry.  If you wouldn't buy it, help us help others by throwing it away in your home trash pickup.

Do you take VHS and cassette tapes?

This medium is not common anymore and it is not as in demand as CDs and DVDs are to our thrift store customers.