Donation Center

  • We currently resell, reuse or recycle 95% of our donated items. Help us reach our goal of 100% by following our guidelines below 95% 95%


Our donation center is now open during our pre-COVID-19 hours of Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm.

Donation Center is located at 8162 Flannery Court, just down the sidewalk from our Thrift Store.

The following guidelines will be in effect:

  • All donations MUST be bagged.
  • We are only accepting clothing, household items, linens, toys and books that can fit in regular trash bags, no boxes or Christmas holiday decorations (Christmas will be accepted starting November 1).  We will accept Fall and Halloween decor. Furniture will also be accepted.
  • Items will be dropped off inside in the large gaylord boxes by the donor. Drop off is contactless. No unloading assistance will be available.
  • Masks are mandatory to enter the building. No exceptions.
  • A limit of 5 people will be allowed in the building at a time in order to maintain social distancing. We ask for patience on busy drop off days like Saturdays in order to meet this requirement.
  • We do not offer in-home pickup services.
  • Receipts available upon request (does not include blue bin donations).

PLEASE place ONLY clothes and shoes in the blue bins after hours outside the donation center.  Heavier items placed in bins can injure our volunteers and staff when the bins are opened for emptying. DO NOT place anything outside these bins, or outside our doors, when we are closed.  Receipts are NOT offered for anything placed in the blue bins or outside.
All items left outside will have to be thrown away and this additional trash takes funds away from our mission.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We DO take:

Clothes, toys, jewelry, kitchen goods, collectibles, kitchen small appliances (in great to excellent condition), linens, handbags, shoes (no holes, tears, etc.), luggage (in like new condition), furniture (no chips, animal hair, scratches etc.), home decor, wall art, mirrors, picture frames, decorative pillows (NO bed pillows), books (children’s and religious ONLY), DVDs, CDs, board games (in good condition), new (in the original packaging) underwear and socks, video games

We DO NOT take:

Electronics (includes computers, monitors, printers, tablets, cell phones, televisions, dvd players, boom boxes, cable receivers, audio components and scanners), items requiring installation or repair (ie., ceiling fans, broken household appliances, etc.), used underwear, used socks, broken or worn furniture, bed pillows, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, laser discs,  mattresses, bed frames, used animal accessories, office furniture, upholstered furniture that has been exposed to pets, used cribs, used car seats, used booster seats, opened puzzle boxes, appliances (stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.), pet food

Donation Guidelines

 1. Items must be washed (clothes, linens, etc.)

2. Items must be in good condition (no paint chips, breaks, tears, broken pieces, broken zippers, etc.)

3. Items must not contain corporate logos with the exception of branded sportswear (Nike, Under Armour, etc.).  This includes clothes, water bottles, glassware, tote bags, luggage, etc.

4. Items with university logos are accepted as long as no dates, with the exception of organization founding dates, are included.

4. Shoes and handbags must be in good condition with no holes, worn soles, cracked leather, etc.

5. Housewares must be in good condition.  Please no stained, scratched, cloudy or burnt cookware, glassware or plasticware.

6. Please do not overload bags or make them too heavy.  If you have trouble lifting them, so will we.


1. Rags (clothing that is stained, ripped, missing buttons, zippers, etc. or clothing with a date, or local logo may be bagged in a WHITE garbage bag and when dropped off, please tell us that it is for “rags”.

2. Technology (We will take small appliances such as alarm clocks, and other electronics. We will not resell computers, tablets, mobile phones or laptops. We do not claim responsibility for any personal data left on donated electronic devices. We cannot take items that are out of date.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pick up donations?

Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to pick up items.

How do we pack items to be donated?

Try not to mix items.  Pack clothes, linens and housewares separately.

Pack clothes and shoes in garbage bags.  DO NOT overload them. Keep them at a reasonable weight so our staff and volunteers can lift them easily.  Avoid packing clothing and shoes in boxes.  Boxes take up a lot of space.

Linens (bedsheets, comforters, curtains, shower curtains and blankets, etc.) can also be packed in bags.

Housewares are best packed in boxes especially glassware.  

PLEASE pack items in boxes you don't need returned.  This makes it easier on our sorters as they are brought into the donation center.


Why don't you take used mattresses?

It is illegal to sell used mattresses that have not been cleaned and sanitized.  While we have the capacity to sanitize small throw pillows, we don't have the expertise or resources to clean and santize mattresses.

What's your Inclement Weather Policy?

The House of Mercy will follow the Prince William County Government or Federal Government decisions in the case of inclement weather, NOT the public school system. If either the Prince William County government or Federal government are closed due to weather, activities of the House of Mercy will be cancelled, and volunteers will not need to report for work.

However, in the event that Prince William County or Federal Government have a delayed opening, the House of Mercy will still open at its regular time and volunteers are asked to report for their regular shifts.

Volunteers, clients and customers are asked to ultimately use their own good judgment in conditions of inclement weather and are asked to always err on the side of safety.

Where do I bring my donations?

The donation center is located in the same row of buildings as our thrift store.  Look for the large white banner above the door indicating the donation center customer entrance.

PLEASE place your donation on our counter top to the right of the welcome desk.  Try to avoid placing items on the floor as this presents a hazard to guests and volunteers.  We will sort large donation as they come in to keep that counter clear.

Why are you so particular about what items you take?

Every item donated is accepted with the goal of selling it in our thrift store or to our partner vendors to fund our food pantry.  Items that are unsellable end up in the trash and too frequent trash pickups takes away money for the food pantry.  If you wouldn't buy it, help us help others by throwing it away in your home trash pickup.

Do you take VHS and cassette tapes?

This medium is not common anymore and it is not as in demand as CDs and DVDs are to our thrift store customers.

During what times do you take holiday decorations?

We take holiday decorations during the following date time frames:

Easter * January 1 - May 31

Halloween & Thanksgiving * September 1 - January 1

Christmas * November 1 - February 1

All other holidays (Valentines, St. Patrick's, 4th of July, etc.) will be accepted at any time.