Food Pantry

We welcome anyone who may be in need of a little help. Primarily, we can help with food and clothing. We do have some guidelines, but we welcome anyone to stop in during open hours and learn more about our Passport to Hope program. You will be able to receive food no matter what. We look forward to doing whatever we can to assist in your current needs for a brighter future. 

Food Pantry

Requirement: ID, proof of address, ID for any dependents (including birth date for children). 

Benefits: 4-5 days worth of food for your family every other week (twice/month) 

Partnership: USDA; You may receive food from USDA once a month and food from our food bank once a month (for a total of 2 visits per month). If you do not wish to participate in the USDA program, you may receive food twice from House of Mercy. 

Guidelines: 3 months of assistance from registration date; an additional 3 months if you participate in our Adult Education program by taking 1 – 1 hour class during the first 3 months. Everyone must take a break for the 2nd 6 months (you may continue to receive USDA food once/month during that time). *We have limited resources and are not able to assist every family all year.

**Our goal is for individuals and families not to be dependent on food pantries and other services long term, therefore we encourage self-education and learning new life skills as needed to be able to help yourself and your family long term and to show a good example of the importance of education to the next generation. 


Clothing Assistance

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, this assistance is NOT available. Thrift store items are still available for purchase during the store days/hours of Monday-Saturday from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Our thrift store is for anyone in the community, but it will especially help our clients. If you are a registered client, you may receive monthly four (4) adult clothes for each registered adult monthly, six (6) teen (12-18 years) clothes for each registered teen, eight (8) children’s clothes for each registered child monthly.  In addition, you may also receive special occasion outfits for registered teens (15-18 years) twice a year.

Back to School

Every year we know it’s tough for kids to go back to school with items that they may have already grown out of. No child wants to go to school with uncomfortable, old shoes, a broken backpack, or not enough school supplies. Any client family in good standing could be eligible for some of these items to make sure their children are ready to go back to school!  More Information

Christmas with Mercy

Christmas is not about the toys, but it is about giving. It’s about Christ being born, giving joy to us who so desperately need him. For any client family who is eligible, we provide a parent shopping experience to make sure every child has something new on Christmas to look forward to and every parent experiences the joy of giving!  More Information