Adult Education



One of the best things you can do for yourself is know and understand the language of the country you live in. This helps in everyday life with interactions at the bank, the grocery store, your children’s school, as well as in your place of work. House of Mercy is partnering with Beacon Adult Literacy, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Astar Education Services and Hogar Immigration Services for ESL programs. We are happy to help connect you to these programs.

Personal Finance

Financial freedom is a wonderful goal to behold, but how do we achieve that? Many people are stuck in certain circumstances where this may not look or even be possible – especially in the short term. With cost of living increases, additional opportunities for credit card debt, student loan debt on the rise and other family financial emergencies, it can be tough to maintain your finances or try to put anything away for the future. Come learn some very basic things you can do to make your way toward financial freedom.


Cooking & Nutrition

Cooking and nutrition can be daunting especially when you have limited resources. We have partnered with the Virginia Cooperative Extention to provide a comprehensive, ongoing class to help you learn how to read nutrition labels, cook new meals with basic ingredients and save time doing it. This is a great way to find some new ideas for family meals, all while staying healthy along the way!

Community Orientation

This is a new program that House of Mercy is offering. We know it can be daunting to move to a new place. Whether you are new to Manassas or Prince William County, Virginia, or the United States, we are here to help orient you to the resources available and answer any questions you may have of laws, school forms, taxes, organizations that can help, and more.



For those who are looking to gain citizenship in the United States, we can help! We have partnered with Hogar Immigration Services to provide citizenship consultations and classes. If you don’t know what you can apply for, please contact Hogar Immigration and they can have that conversation.


In the age of technology, you can’t go far in a career without knowing and understanding basic computer skills and especially Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher. This class helps to orient you to these products and other skills you may need on the job. It is heavy on Excel, but can be tailored by the students.


English Conversation

English is a great class for those who may already be enrolled in an ESL class or are a little more advanced in English vocabulary and grammar. This class focuses on the conversation piece of language. It is very “hands on” and you will practice your speaking at every class.


GED Math

This class is for anyone who is interested in obtaining their GED. This class focuses, in particular, on the math section of the GED. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this ongoing class.

Workforce Development (Job Assistance)

Are you looking for a job? We can help be helping to write/edit your resume and cover letter, practicing an interview, and searching for jobs in your field of interest. Learn how to network, find and utilize resources and build your own career.

Know your Rights

It is tough enough moving to a new place and starting your life over. It is even more difficult if you are unaware of the laws and your rights in a new country. This class offers some education on the rights afforded anyone in the United States no matter what the citizenship status is.