Back To School Drive

Every year we know it’s tough for kids to go back to school with items that they may have already grown out of. No child wants to go to school with uncomfortable, old shoes, a broken backpack, or not enough school supplies. Any client family in good standing could be eligible for some of these items to make sure their children are ready to go back to school! 

With the start of the school year delayed in our surrounding school districts, we’ve extended the deadline to drop off donations to August 10.

Distance learning doesn’t change the needs of our client’s students.

Even though our children will be learning 100% virtually to start the school year in most of our surrounding school districts, their needs remain the same. They will still need backpacks and new shoes when schools transition to in-person classes. Many special education students may still have in-person sessions. All will still need supplies and be more in need of certain things.

Some vital needs include:

  • Headphones (for computer at-home learning)
  • Shoes
  • Scientific Calculators (children will not have access to the school’s supply)

All supplies are welcome and needed to start our local student’s off on the right foot in the new, challenging, school year.

This Year’s Drive