Background Check Payment

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We require individuals 18 years old and up to have a background check before their first shift volunteering on site.

We look forward to working with you! Please contact Kyle Johnson at with any questions you may have. 

Cost: $21.00 PER volunteer.
Quantity should equal the number of people you are requesting background checks for.

Volunteer Handbook

Download a copy of our current volunteer handbook.



What do food pantry volunteers do?

Food Pantry volunteers assist with organizing food donations, packing bags and carts of food for distribution, re-packaging rice & beans, cleaning, preparing food for mobile food pantry distribution and other duties as needed. 

What do thrift store volunteers do?

Have a knack for displaying merchandise and keeping a store clean & organized? Join the thrift store volunteer team! Help by merchandising the store – put out new items for sale and clean out the old items that haven’t sold;  keep the shopping area looking spotless; be the face of House of Mercy by working the register and much more! 

What do donation center volunteers do?

If you love organization and customer service, this is the job for you! Join our Donation Center volunteer team to accept new donations, sort incoming donations and prepare them for sale in the store. 

What do client services volunteers do?

Client services includes intake for new clients, food and clothing distribution, and working with the Food Pantry database. If you have a working knowledge of Spanish, that is helpful but not required. This is a great way to assist those in need and work directly with our clients. Training provided. 

Most needed time slots: 

11:00-1:00 pm Monday – Friday

What do food pick up/mobile pantry volunteers do?

Want to volunteer but aren’t able to work onsite? Join our Food Pick Up or Mobile Pantry team. You will be responsible for driving food to or from one of our partner sites. 

Most needed time slots:  

9:00-11:00 am Monday-Thursday 

What COVID-19 guidelines are in place for the food pantry?

*Subject to change & we will re-evaluate and announce when moving to additional hours

  • In-person, inside building service but will arrange for contact-less, outside service if client phones in advance
  • As of July 1, registration is required
  • Distribution of food and clothing assistance
  • Clients can receive food assistance every two weeks
  • All donations can be dropped off at the Food Pantry Receiving Door as usual
  • Education program currently suspended
What COVID-19 guidelines are in place for the thrift store and donation center?

*Subject to change & we will re-evaluate and announce when moving to additional hours

  • All customers must wear face coverings (provided on their own) and gloves (provided by us)
  • All children ages 10+ must be encouraged to wear face coverings
  • Only 50% capacity will be allowed in the store at a time (customers are subject to wait in line outside)
  • If there is a line outside, shopping times may be limited
  • Customers must maintain social distancing of 6 ft while in-store and in line outside
  • Volunteers will be stationed in the store to make sure customers keep gloves and masks on at all times
  • All carts will be wiped or sprayed after each use
  • All donations should be bagged.
I need service hours for confirmation and/or school, what options do I have?

Students can volunteer at House of Mercy, but must fill out the appropriate paperwork to do so. Requests for confirmation of hours should be made with at least 48 hours advance notice.

I am a part of a group that wants to volunteer. How do we sign up?

Email Sophia Crooks at scrooks [at]

Do I have to sign in and sign out every shift?
Yes. This will keep a more accurate record of your volunteer hours.
Must I schedule myself before arriving?

Yes. In advance is best, but even if it is the day before, that is okay.

What is the most Covid friendly volunteer position?

Food packer.

Will you be using Sign Up Genius Anymore?

No. We have switched to a new system.

What if I forget to sign in or out?

Email Sophia Crooks at scrooks [at]

Do you have to run my Background Check?

Yes. We are required by law to do it for the safety of our other volunteers, clients, customers, staff, and donors.

I already had my Background Check run by my job, do I have to do it again through you?

Yes. We do not have access to your Background Check if your job ran it. Also, your job may have different requirements they are looking for in your records.

May I receive a confirmation letter with the total amount of hours I have completed here?

Yes. Email Sophia Crooks at scrooks [at]

If I am/my child is a minor, do you have to run a background check?

No. They still must complete a Volunteer Application Form though as well as our Minor Consent Form.