Northern Virginia Veterans Association

NOVA Veteran’s Quality of Life Cycle© is a systems approach to providing personal direct support around multiple and diverse services and resources. NOVA Veteran’s mission is critical due to the vulnerable and most susceptible population of veterans we support, who are the elderly, disabled, health-challenged, and the underserved. Our vulnerable population of veterans are not able to access and receive services without our direct personal attention, support and case management. Our support includes: evaluating comprehensive needs, filling out applications, searching for and finding appropriate services, coordinating with providers/programs so veterans receive all services needed and available (veteran and nonveteran specific).

How We’re Distinct – We are the only local veteran nonprofit that performs a comprehensive veteran intake, determines priority of needs, case manages, coordinates with multiple potential service providers, advocates, and provides continual follow up to ensure services are received and continued as needed.

Who Benefits – Veterans and their families who are most vulnerable, such as the elderly, low income, health-challenged.

Phone: 703-659-0788
Email (if any):
PO Box 10253
Manassas, VA 20108