Carried to Full Term

Our Program Keeps Families Together. We start with housing. Carried To Full Term, is a nonprofit maternity home providing hope and a better future to pregnant women and their children through long-term housing.
Our program provides housing to mothers for up to 24 months in a structured setting. Mothers are responsible for maintaining the home, caring for their children, securing and retaining employment, completing their education, and participating in programs with the primary goal being assistance to self-sufficiency and independence.

Within the framework of supportive services, families set goals to improve personal, mental, economic self-sufficiency, and develop the skills necessary to discover their full potential as community members. Our program provides regular one-on-one support to include classes to help families become stronger. To support the emotional, family, and employment stability, as well as monthly financial support to educate families in saving money and gaining financial literacy.

Families attend classes and workshops on parenting, money management, self-care, nutrition, job search skills, and property maintenance, among many. All client families set six self-sufficiency goals and work closely with their mentors and case managers to meet them prior to graduating from the Carried To Full Term’s program.

Phone: 571-261-2838
Email (if any):
6740 Fayette St,
Haymarket, VA 20169