House of Mercy, FFD Services, Falcon Communications Updating Technology and Network

Aug 20, 2019 | Press Releases


Partnership: House of Mercy, FFD Services & Falcon Communications updating Technology and Network to improve House of Mercy operations

House of Mercy is a nonprofit working to provide food, clothing, education and prayer to those in need in our community. We are working with over 350 families per month through our food pantry and thrift store to help with basic needs. We were founded almost 15 years ago. In that time, we have grown significantly, but our technology and infrastructure has not been upgraded in that same amount of time. We have had significant technological challenges this year as much of our equipment has been failing and disrupting our operations, so we were not able to focus on our mission. In the past month, we have worked with Freddy Feliz at FFD Services to update all our equipment and entire network. Last week, through the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, we connected with Chris Lee the General Manager at Falcon Communications to take on the cabling project in connection with our new network. The Falcon Communications employee volunteers Justin Ross, John Kontos and Aaron Walker brought their professionalism and expertise to fruition and completed the infrastructure project in 8 man hours. All of this work has been done pro-bono and we cannot thank them enough! We are so grateful for these local businesses that really care about the community!

Left: Before photo of 10+ year old network and cabling in an unreachable loft area of the food pantry.

Right: New network box, equipment and cabling in a central office.