8th Annual “Shoes for Kids” Shoe drive

House of Mercy, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, is asking YOUR help in having at least 192 pairs of shoes donated. We need all sizes for kids 4 to 17 years old. This is the number of pairs we need in order to provide shoes to the children of parents who have taken classes at HOM. In reality, we’d love to give new school shoes to all 1, 243 children we have served so far in 2017. For more info, see the Press Release about this in the “About Us” tab.

“U” is for Undies, Thursday June 8, 10 am-5 pm

House of Mercy is hosting a day-long “drive-thru” on Thursday, June 8 “Do More 24” Day. People will purchase a new package of underwear, any type, any size, any gender, and drive through the parking lot to throw them into a big bin. There will be friendly volunteers there to accept the donations, and provide a tax receipt, if required.

Welfare workers and school nurses locally and around the U.S. report that around half of the U.S. population is “going commando”, and not out of choice. This anecdotally includes children at local Title 1 elementary schools.

At House of Mercy many women who seek aid, report that they must choose between underwear and food. “I recently was in this situation,” an anonymous mother said. “I literally had to say to myself, ‘your underpants are in tatters, but I need to buy food’. Food always wins.”

When the local thermal shelter opens and the public requests ways to help, the first answer is “underwear”. There is a huge need for underwear among the poor and near poor in the greater Manassas, Bristow and Gainesville area, and throughout the U.S.



These classes are free and open to anyone in the greater community, and for HOM clients. Beginning TUESDAY MAY 16 from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, this class will meet WEEKLY for FOUR (4) WEEKS.  Class size is limited to first ten (10) people who register. Sign up begins April 24 at the check-out counter in the store. Unfortunately ONLY new students who have not taken the class may attend.  A nutritionist using  USDA class materials will start with the basics and move up to more complicated concepts. Delicious meals will be demonstrated and tasted! Please email if you have questions.



These classes are free and open to anyone in the greater community, and for HOM clients. Wednesday MAY 10, 2017 covers Budgets (Importance and How-To) – Wednesday MAY 17 2017 covers the different kinds of Bank Accounts (which one you can open right away) – And Wednesday May 24, 2017 covers Saving Money (even if you think you don’t have any), and why it is so, SO important.

En Espanol, Mayo 17, 24, 31  Tu Dinero a 10:30 – 11:30.



As a Spiritual Journey for Lent in 2016, Legion of Mary is offering a six-week course using Father Gaitley materials.

Beginning Thursday March 2, 2016 and then every Thursday for six weeks, from 10:30am – noon, please come and participate in “33 Days to Merciful Love”. This study will culminate in  participants making the Consecration to Divine Mercy.


Please email or call 703-659-1636 to get more information.


“Our” parents who have completed all four classes in the “Your Money” personal money management class are eligible to come and “shop” for Christmas gifts for their children. This is the sixth year we’ve had this no-kids-allowed program. The parents choose the gift(s) best suited for their child, then the gift is wrapped by a volunteer, ready for Christmas morning! Please follow this link if you’d like to help prepare this magical day, OR serve our parents on December 10.



Saturday October 1 was the 2016 annual Campaign to End Hunger Event. Your donation of $20 each person helps underwrite the costs and distribution of the foods, and  our programs to help the poor. Check back on this page for the 2017 CEH.